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The Types Of Vinyl Window Graphics

When it comes to vinyl window graphics there are 3 options, Cut Vinyl Lettering & Graphics, Digitally Printed Vinyl Graphics and Static Cling Vinyl.

Cut Vinyl Lettering & Graphics are cut out of single color vinyl film. Most often for windows, white vinyl is used as it allows for better visibility. The vinyl used can be of varying thicknesses and is cut with a plotter. Any graphics must be single color or layered color vinyl that would need to be cut individually. Design options are very limited for this type.

Digitally Printed Vinyl Graphics consist of  a vinyl film specifically made for printing. Most often printed on White or Clear Vinyl with UV resistant inks. A clear lamination can be applied over the printed message or graphic to prolong the life of the print. Design options for this type are basically limitless. Perforated window graphics would be included in this category.

Static Cling Vinyl Graphics is a vinyl film that is best used for temporary window applications as it leaves no adhesive residue.  Static cling works with the use of static electricity, as vinyl is a excellent collector of static electricity. Static cling vinyl adheres to any smooth surface, meaning that glass is a perfect surface for such an application. The main advantage of Static Cling Graphics is the ability to move or takedown and reuse. The biggest disadvantage is they do not hold up well in the weather.

Perforated Window Graphics- Perforated window graphics are a printable type of vinyl that allows the display of graphics from the outside without blocking vision from the inside. This is achieved by the mesh design of the vinyl. Perforated Vinyl graphics are useful for storefront windows and used for vehicle wraps for continuing the design over the windows. The mesh design also can provide some U.V. protection as well. Perforated window graphics are often used by the general public for rear window displays. Perforated window graphics surprisingly provide excellent vision from the inside while providing effective display of graphics.  

Custom Vinyl Graphics on Customized Car

>Car Wraps and Cut Vinyl Graphics for Street Customs-

The love between a car owner and their car is taken to a new level when it comes to people customizing their vehicles. Here is a show piece with some very unique cut vinyl graphics.





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